Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, phenols, Carotenses, squalene and fatty acids. Fights against drying, dehydrating and the loss of elasticity

100% Pure Morocco Argan Oil
Multiple Use with Many Banefits
Rich in Vitamin E & Fatty Acids
Provide Scalp Required Moisture
Nourish Scalp & Hair
Restore Hair Health
Repair Dry, Damage & Weak Hair
Makes Hair Shiny & Smooth
Increases Hair Gloss
Multiple Use:
1. Use with shampoo it makes hair more shiny
2. Use after washing hair apply in scalp on hair & tips to reduce hair dryness, frizziness and dullness
3. Use with hair mask, will double the effect
4. Use with hair color to protect hair color & hair damage

Quantity: 60ML