When talking about oral care and hygiene, Colgate, pepsodent, sensodyne, listeriene, and oral b are some leading brands that ring a bell in mind. Oral hygiene is as important as body hygiene but very little attention is given to it.

We have specifically listed some leading brands and products that provide the best oral hygiene so you can get your hands on these amazing products without hours of contemplating and deciding. Let’s have a look at some basic oral care products that you may require to get the perfect shining teeth and a germ-free mouth with fresh breath.

The Confident Smile

Are you tired of bleeding gums? Have you tried everything but have failed to achieve the perfect smile? Don’t shy away from flaunting the perfect smile. Avail these amazing products to get the perfect oral hygiene and have that picture-perfect smile without the fear of showing those yellow teeth or cavities.

Oral hygiene products

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouth wash
  • Dental floss
  • Toothbrushes
  • Miswaak
  • Water flosses
  • Tooth whitening pen
  • Teeth whitening liquid
  • Activated whitening charcoal
  • Mouth sprays
  • Tongue cleaner and scraper
  • Teeth polisher
  • Interdental brushes.

colgate tootpaste in pakistan

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The easiest and convenient way of cleaning one’s teeth is to have toothpaste that has the right amount of chloride and kills bacteria in the mouth without causing gums to bleed or swell.

In Pakistan, we have some very effective tooth cleaning pastes that are laden with the right amount of fluoride and chloride and are apt for sensitive and bleeding gums.

Colgate has a variety of toothpaste available that provides white teeth, clean and fresh breath and helps heal the swollen and bleeding gums.

It has a variety of toothpaste including

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  • Colgate total
  • Colgate optic white
  • Colgate enamel health
  • Colgate max-fresh
  • Colgate sensitive
  • Colgate with charcoal
  • Colgate with hemp seed oil
  • Colgate zero
  • Colgate kids
  • Colgate zero for kids

colgate brush in pakistan

All these toothpastes are made considering in mind different types of teeth and each one catering to a different oral problem and giving the perfect white to your teeth.

Colgate total is designed with the perfect proportion of fluoride and soda that helps remove bad breath and whiten your teeth. It is a complete solution to all your oral problems and ensures perfect hygiene.

Colgate A Day, Keeps The Dentist Away!

Colgate optic white, as the name suggests, is a perfectly made solution to white teeth. Those who avoid smiling while taking pictures because their yellow teeth embarrass them don’t need to worry anymore as optic white gives your teeth the perfect amount of white that you can flaunt and have the perfect pictures.

Colgate enamel health is specifically made for those having sensitive gums and teeth because of the removal of the enamel that actually protects the teeth and acts as an outer covering. Colgate enamel health ensures that the enamel layer is restored and sensitive gums return back to normal.

Colgate max-fresh is a solution to your bad breath. Now you don’t need to cover your mouth every time you speak something because Colgate max-fresh gives you the fresh breath that you have long tried to achieve.

Colgate sensitive is a complete package for all those crying the tears of plight over sensitive gums and teeth. Now you no more have to look up for the toothbrush bristles that are soft to avoid bleeding gums because Colgate sensitive has got you all covered.

Charcoal has some miraculous benefits. It has amazing whitening power. Colgate with charcoal removes layers of plague and cleans your teeth of all its yellow that has been accumulated over the years on to your teeth. It also acts as an oxidant giving your mouth the freshness and cleanliness. Now no more dentist appointments for scaling just have Colgate with charcoal and you are done.

Colgate with Hemp Seed Oil Toothpaste furnishes comfort with an invigorating inclination. This anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste, injected with a homegrown mint taste, is ideal for fortifying veneer and giving clinically demonstrated cavity protection.

Colgate Zero for Kids 2-6 years Toothpaste is planned with 0% fake flavors, sugars, additives, and hues. This toothpaste secures against cavities and fortifies milder finish of your youngsters’ teeth.

Listerine in Pakistan

Mouth Wash

Talking about mouthwashes, we would be remiss not to reiterate the wide range of mouthwashes Listerine has. Here stating the plethora of mouthwashes suitable for every problem and curing every oral disease and restoring the perfect oral freshness.

  • Listerine Tartar control
  • Listerine Cool citrus
  • Listerine Cool mint anti-bacterial
  • Listerine Fresh burst
  • Listerine Green tea
  • Listerine Miswaak
  • Listerine Original
  • Listerine Spearmint
  • Listerine Teeth and gum defense
  • Listerine Total care alcohol-free

Water Floss

If you are tired of plagued and cavity-filled teeth then water floss is what you need. Water floss has air and micro-droplet inbuilt technology that ensures that your teeth receive the perfect amount of air pressure to remove the cavities that have sought refuge into the inner side of your teeth and have caused much distress.

Up to 99.9% plaque removal
 Air and micro-droplet technology
 an easy way to start a healthy habit

Dental Floss

Oral b has the best dental floss mint waxed. Brushing alone can’t find a good pace hard-to-reach at places where plaque develops. In any case, Oral-B fundamental floss mint can. With its light wax covering and its shred-safe surface, Oral-B fundamental floss mint slides effectively between.

  • reaches where your brush can’t get
  • contains waxed floss
  • is shred-protected
  • Evacuates plaque-microbes in interdental space and at the gum line
  • Flimsy and simple to slide through empty core technology

ultra floss in pakistan

Brushes And Interdental Brushes

Oral b has a wide variety of brushes with smooth to medium and hard bristles that suit all teeth type and it also has interdental brushes that reach every corner of your teeth and ensure complete oral hygiene cleaning plaque and tartar from every corner of your mouth.

Mouth Sprays

Are you a procrastinator and find yourself struggling every morning to go to the washroom and spend a whole two minutes on brushing? Are you always late to office and need a quick solution to your oral hygiene? Well, now you wouldn’t have to race with time anymore.

Leading oral brands have introduced their mouth sprays with flavors like mint and spearmint and honey that give your mouth the fresh breath and clean and germ protected breath. Here’s putting down some of these mouth spray brands.

  • Quest pretty mint mouth spray
  • Fresh breath mouth spray
  • Biotene dry alcohol-free mouth spray.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal powder is a 100% unadulterated charcoal. It normally brightens teeth, shines teeth, reinforces veneer and detoxifies your mouth. Sensodyne comes with activated charcoal and gives your mouth the fresh breath, healed gums and white teeth.

Tongue Cleaner And Scraper

When talking about oral hygiene, we always seem to concentrate on keeping our teeth clean and breath fresh but almost neglect our tongue. Oral hygiene largely comprises of tongue cleanliness as well.

Now oral b introduces its new tongue cleanser which promises to eliminate germs from your mouth by cleaning your tongue and ensuring 100% oral hygiene.

Teeth Polisher

Last to the list of oral hygiene is the all-new range of tooth polisher by Biotene and Pepsodent. Do you have clean and white teeth but you still aren’t satisfied? Do you hesitate to flaunt your white teeth because they don’t appear as white as they should? Do you think they lack shine? Don’t worry, avail this wide range of tooth polishers introduced by both pepsodent and Biotene and enjoy the perfect teeth and smile away more often.

So here is a complete list of items and most promising brands ensuring that you have that confident, fresh and beautiful smile. Hurry up and get these amazing products to ensure 100% oral hygiene because of oral hygiene matters!

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